Dog Sports Northwest offers Dog Agility Classes in the Seattle area



DSNW specializes in Rally, Beginner and Novice obedience classes.  We also offer a Tricks class which our students love. They tell us they developed better dog training skills in this class than any class they have ever taken!!  We use training principals based on positive reinforcement for both you and the dog. 







Welcome to Dog Sports Northwest!


Dog Sports Northwest offers training programs designed to help you and your dog become the best working team you can be.  We believe the key to success in the world of dog sports begins with developing a positive and solid relationship with your canine teammate.  This is accomplished by understanding how your dog learns, how to establish clear communication, and how to make training motivating, rewarding and fun!!

At Dog Sports Northwest our approach to dog training is very “pro-dog”, but we like helping people just as much, and believe they deserve the same respect and dignity in their training journey as their canine partners!




Dog Sports Northwest is located in the greater Seattle area of Washington State

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