Are You Ready?

Dog-BulletJoey-healing Dog sports are fun, exciting and rewarding activities. 

They are also demanding both physically and mentally and require time, dedication and commitment.  It is a long journey from the first class you take to the first step you take into the ring and it is our goal to prepare you fully for that first step.

We would like you to read over the information below and answer some questions to determine if this is the right activity for you and your dog.  We believe in dogs and handlers being fully trained for the demands of the sport and are also very aware of what it requires from you, your dog and us to get you there.

We ask you to consider these questions not to discourage you from participating in this wonderful sport but to help you decide to do so armed with as much information as possible.

How much time do you have to devote to training your dog?

Class is a place you come to each week to learn the “how” of obedience training; the rest of the week is when that training gets accomplished!  This means prioritizing time for training each week and being willing to make that training happen!  Whenever I find myself feeling less than willing to train or letting other ‘more important’ things interfere, I remind myself why I got involved in dog sports to begin with…to spend more time with my dog!!

Dog-BulletHow much time do you have to devote to conditioning your dog and yourself?

Proper conditioning and exercise are essential for you and your dog to participate in the sport and to have a long and successful career!

Dog-BulletAre you self-disciplined and self-motivated?

It takes an amazing amount of skill development to prepare you and your dog for dog sports.  Training must be a priority in your life and it often requires saying no to other activities, facing incremental weather and dragging yourself to the park.  Are you self-motivated?  Dog training, like exercise, requires that you are!

Dog-BulletWhat are your goals?  Are they realistic?

At DSNW we believe you must “let your expectations match your efforts”.  Not everyone has a goal to become an Obedience Trial Champion, Master Agility Champion or to even enter the show ring.  We all need to be aware of what our personal goals are in our training and to be honest about whether those goals are attainable given our time availability, our life demands and the inherent abilities of ourselves and our dog.  It is essential to be realistic about how much time you are able to devote to training.  As we mentioned before, and will again, there are an incredible number of skills which need to be developed in order for you and your dog to be prepared to participate confidently and happily in dog sports.  Is this a realistic goal in your life?

Dog-BulletSummarizing thoughts about the dog sport journey

Based on our beliefs regarding teaching and learning we would like to share some thoughts that may benefit you in deciding if DSNW is the right choice for you and your dog.

Please understand;

  • That it is essential to have a clear understanding of the commitment it takes to train a dog to participate in any sport.
  • That it is necessary to make a commitment to their training and prioritize the time needed to accomplish said training.
  • That it is necessary to keep their dogs in good physical condition in order to meet the physical demands of the sport and to remain injury free.
  • That it is important to attend class on a regular basis and if they are not able to do so to either supplement with private lessons or move to a more appropriate class level when they are able to attend.
  • That it is essential to play with their dogs and praise profusely when training and to know their dogs are always giving the most they are able to give in relation to what they know.

We will help you achieve any goal you set and know that these may change as you become more familiar with the training and the sport.  Do you just want a deeper connection to your dog or do you want to win first place?  Whatever your goal is we support you 100% and are committed to making the journey as satisfying and rewarding as possible.