All Dogs Start Here!

Dog-Bullet Clicker Tricks Class Level 1:

This class is all about tricks but also all about training! We want you and your dog to have some skills in place prior to beginning your formal training journey, whether it be agility, obedience or both. This class covers critical principals of training including how to get reinforceable behavior (shaping, luring, prompting), timing and rate of reinforcement, where to offer rewards in order to support the behavior and how to develop your training relationship to keep your dog in the game! The behaviors we teach are ‘tricks’ but they are useful tricks!

Dogs off all ages and skill levels are welcome in this class, and we start all of our students here. Even if you’ve had some experience with positive reinforcement training, this class is a great way for you to hone your skills and for our instructors to get an idea of what tools you’ve got in your toolbox and to help you add a few more.