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Puppies are adorable, silly and so much fun, but they grow up right before your eyes and can become a handful before you know it.  Starting your puppy off right with the training and foundation skills needed will help her grow into a wonderful companion instead of a handful of trouble!  Just as important are the skills you as the trainer will gain and utilize for the rest of your dog’s life and into the lives of your future dogs.

We offer one-on-one private lessons that cater to your needs as you start building your relationship with your dog.

We like to start you off on a 5 week session of one hour lesson per week. This also includes email follow up with questions and clarification as needed. At each lesson, we spend time addressing specific areas of interest or needs, practicing skill building and making a plan to implement during the week. At the end of the 5 weeks, we usually filter our private lesson students into one of our introduction to training classes. This allows you to continue your life skills practice and also hone your training skills and continue to have a great time with your dog. Who knows, you might be the next obedience superstar!

Private Lessons: 5 Week Session.

Each private lesson is $50 and lasts one hour. Usually after the 5 weeks, students join one of our group classes but additional private lessons can also be scheduled as desired by the student. *

*Note: In our private lessons we can cover a broad spectrum of beginning training, including but not limited to potty training, recalls, basic obedience, manners, leash walking, etc. If at any time we discover that your dog may have an issue beyond this basic scope, such as leash aggression, dog or human aggression, separation anxiety, reactivity, etc., we would be happy to refer you on to a behaviorist that specializes in working through these types of issues.