Meet Diana

Diana Bandit and Joey


During her early years of training dogs and teaching classes, Diana never felt satisfied with the methods and philosophies behind traditional training.  Her continued search for a better approach led Diana to clicker training and that was the first wonderful step in becoming a trainer who understands how to use positive reinforcement, scientific learning principals and operant conditioning to train dogs.  Since that time she has attended many seminars, trained with many different trainers and read extensively on topics related to the scientifically correct approach to dog training. Most importantly, she has helped hundreds of people successfully train their dogs.

Due to her interest in training and showing her own dogs, Diana added sport dog training to her training program.     She loves to help people train their dogs for performance events using training methods that motivate dogs to want to work and that develop a strong working relationship between handler and dog. Diana teaches Rally, Beginning and Novice obedience and all levels of Agility. She believes training with positive reinforcement creates a better trained dog, a better educated owner and a better relationship between the dog and owner.   In addition, she is always training and showing her own dogs and staying current on new ideas and methods, a vital ingredient required in helping others.  She has trained and titled her dogs in the areas of obedience, tracking, Schutzhund and agility.  Please meet Diana’s dogs present and past and read about her special relationship with them. Their accomplishments are many both in the ring and out.


Joey, “U-CD Country-Way’s What a Catch!, RA, AX, AXJ, AXP, AJP, PD2, GS-N, RJ-O, RS-O, NJC, OAC” 1998-2009

The gift I received from Joey is that he taught me more about dog behavior and training than I thought I would ever know.  Joey was a fearful, reactive, noisy puppy.  I remember pursuing help for his excessive barking and when the trainer asked what he barks at, I laughed and said, “what doesn’t he bark at?” Gradually, with a lot of time and effort, this little guy learned to see the world in a much more positive way and became a dog that I was very proud to have by my side and happy to see so comfortable in his own skin.  Also, against many odds (one trainer told me he was an ADD dog!), he became an accomplished performance dog, earning titles in both obedience and agility.  He was also a fabulous trick dog performing ‘say your prayers’ and ‘mean face’ with humor and enthusiasm!  I loved this dog so much for all he taught me.  He did a great service for all of the dogs that are so much like him (and there are many) who will now benefit from my ability to help them.




Bandit, “Country Way’s Hot Gossip, RA, CD, OA, OAJ, OAP, OJP, NJC, NAC” 1998-2011

Bandit, Joey’s sister, came to my home at the age of four after being returned to the breeder by her original owners. If there was ever a polar opposite to Joey, it has to be Bandit. Talk about cuddly!  She curled up on the couch with me, let out a big sigh and looked at me with those fantastic merle eyes. That was all it took! All I wanted was to give this sweet dog a home for the rest of her life. Little did I know, behind the façade of this mellow girl, there was a wonderful performance dog just waiting to bust out! Bandit was so much fun to train; she was always enthusiastic, always willing and tried her heart out to do the right thing.  Add to that her ‘lovability’, and she was the perfect dog!





Lena, “SG, U-CD Alena Von Lenzerhof, AM/CAN CD, AKC TD, CKC TDX, Sch. I, FH, CGC” 1985-1996

Lena was a big, black German Shepherd and a dog of great character.  She ventured into my life unexpectedly and we were an instant team.  She loved to swim and hike in the woods and although she struggled with many physical limitations throughout her life, her accomplishments were many and varied.  She always willingly did what I asked of her and she taught me a great deal about dedication and loyalty.  Although she was a big, powerful dog, there was a sweetness and friendliness about her that all who knew her were grateful to have experienced.  I still miss her a lot.




Timmy, GF (Great Friend) 1975-1985

Timmy was a lovable character who saw me through those early years of finding my way in the world of dog training.  We had many great adventures together and he was also the best friend a teenager could hope to have!My first dog and the beginning of a fabulous journey as a person who will always be ‘owned’ by a dog.  Timmy was a long hair German Shepherd and retriever extraordinaire!  He once brought me a match he found by the woodstove and worked hard to get it off of his tongue (where it was thoroughly stuck) and onto my lap so I could throw it for him.