What is Novice Obedience?

The Novice Obedience class is where you begin obtaining your obedience titles (Rally is a separate class and is not part of this titling program).  This class requires the dog and handler to perform heeling on and off leash, figure eight, stand for exam, recall, front, finish and group sit and down stays.  A Novice Obedience title is required before you may progress to the Open obedience class.

How do I learn the skills for the AKC Novice Obedience class?

Any dog with basic obedience skills and no serious behavioral problems is welcome to participate in Rally Obedience class where all of the skills necessary for Novice Obedience are also taught.  Almost all of the skills required in Novice Obedience are also required in Rally Obedience.

What if I don’t want to show my dog?

You do not have to be interested in showing your dog in dog shows to participate in a Rally class!  Dog shows originated as a way to test the obedience and training level of a dog and they were and still are based on basic skills all dogs should have.  This class could also appropriately be named Advanced Obedience.  If your dog possesses basic obedience skills and does not have any serious behavioral problems such as human or dog aggression you will find this class beneficial and fun!  As an instructor my first goal is to help you and your dog become a great team and then see where you want to take it from there.

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