Dog-Bullet Rally Obedience:

Rally Obedience is a fairly new class being offered by many kennel clubs.  This class requires you to heel your dog through a course of designated signs that instruct you on which behavior t o perform.  Rally is a beneficial place to start showing your dog because of one big difference from the other classes; you can talk to your dog and provide him/her with a great deal of support!  Many dogs get nervous when beginning their show careers and being able to offer them information and support can be a critical variable in their ability to perform.


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Dog-Bullet Beginning Novice Obedience:

Beginning Novice Obedience is a class offered by the AKC. It includes all on leash heeling, sit for examination by judge, recall, and sit stay.


Dog-Bullet Novice Obedience:

Novice Obedience is a class offered by the AKC.     It includes on and off leash heeling, sit and down stays, recall and stand for examination by judge.

Note: The big difference between Rally Obedience and the other obedience classes offered is the amount of interaction you are allowed to have with your dog. Traditional obedience classes such and Beginner Novice and Novice require you to remain silent during the performance other than giving the initial command for each exercises and praise and petting at the end of each exercise. Rally allows you to give multiple cues (both verbal and signal) and to praise and support your dog (within reason) throughout the performance. This makes Rally a much easier and user friendly class in which to begin your dog show career.

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